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Open for the 2022 season!

Our Trees, Products and other Services

ALL FIELD TRESS ANY SIZE – $79 plus 6% PA sales tax!



  • Fresh Cut Trees: Available on lot daily.
  • Fresh Wreaths are made daily. Call Pat @ (717) 757-4324 for special orders.
  • Other Services: Tree Drilling, Tree Shaking, Tree Bailing
  • We also sell Tree Stands, Tree Bags, Tree Food, Roping, Window Saches, Swags, Grave Easels, and Mailbox Covers.
  • Pre Cut Trees priced individually 

Frasier Fir

$79.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)
Native to the appalachian mountains of the southeastern United States. Widely used as Christmas trees, the Frasier Fir has been used more then any other species of tree as the official White House Christmas Tree.

Caanan Fir

$79.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)
Also known as a balsam fir, the caanan fir is native to the majority of the northeastern United States. Very popular as a Christmas Tree across the United States, caanan fir branches also make a great wreath.

Douglas Fir

$79.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)
The Douglas Fir (not technically a fir tree) has been commonly used as Christmas Trees since the 1920s. The Douglas fir is native to the western part of the United States with the Coast Douglas Fir and Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir being the most common varieties.

Tree Care Tips

  • Immediately place the tree in water. Trees need plenty of water. Never let the tree go dry, if you do a seal forms on the bottom of the tree and it will no longer take water.
  • Trees like it cool and safe, never place your tree near a heat source such as heating vents, fireplace, or television.
  • Tree lights should be shut off when not home or while sleeping.
  • Inspect all lights and electrical cords and make sure all are in good condition prior to use.
  • When the season is over trees can serve as birdfeeders or be made into mulch!